I will think about it and let you know if I come up with anything. She froze the top tier to eat on her first anniversary. I have a wonderful SMB. Sweetened whipped cream filling. I could eat it by the spoonful. The only request is that it is “white” from bride to be. I do like the way this tastes, though (I just had to try the cake left on the bottom of the pan)! It is difficult for me to determine what the factor could be that caused it to sink before. -Will this cake freeze well? Cream Cheese Filling is great in layer cakes and with only 3 ingredients, it's easy to whip together. I’ve tried a recipe that uses butter as the fat , but it simply didn’t yield the traditional RVC taste that I love. will try it out. Try: As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. Thanks!!!!! Add the coffee, and whisk until … Carefully peel off paper. https://yummiestfood.com/chocolate-layer-cake-with-cream-cheese-filling Place in the freezer to cool for 30 minutes or until chilled. Your family won't be able to resist this red velvet bundt cake with cream cheese filling. Hi there. Add powdered sugar and lemon juice; beat until light and fluffy. Let me know how it goes if you try it! 1/4 teaspoon (1 gram) salt. ), so if you make the recipe as stated you will end up with a taller cake (which I prefer!). Because I wasn’t sure how much batter/cake I needed, I doubled the recipe, measure out the batter into the amounts I needed for each layer and colored them. Egg – Just one egg to bind this filling together as it bakes. If you have plain pastry flour you can substitute it for the all-purpose and the cake flour both. Made with cream cheese, sugar and milk, this luscious surprise is one your friends and family will love. I would add some bread flour if you have it on hand. Here is what she said: “We just enjoyed the best frozen wedding cake ever!!! It was a gift to the bride and groom, so I made 5 tiers. Yes, let me know. I’ve seen different instruction in which you alternate the flour mixture and milk mixture. https://www.food.com/recipe/cream-cheese-filling-for-cakes-120205 Add remaining egg mixture in two batches whisking after each addition. Any American-style buttercream frosting will take color well. As far as the frosting goes, there is superfluous sweetener in it that can be easily removed. So I immediately prepared to make it the second time using a full batch. I use canola or a general vegetable mix but I think coconut would be really nice. Pour the remaining cake batter over the cream cheese filling and spread as evenly as you … I’m so glad you like this recipe! The protein helps give this cake its structure. Which do you think would be more appropriate for a wedding???? Also can use extracts to flavor whipping cream. , Hi Summer, In a large bowl, with electric mixer, beat cream cheese and butter until fluffy. , Your email address will not be published. I finally found a cake recipe that isn’t too sweet. Hi, Summer! Keep the same temperature and time? It adds an important flavor component and is a part of most “velvet” cakes. I can’t wait to try all your recipes out! The family kept the extra and would not share, lol. Do you know how many cups of batter the recipe makes? Yes, I love chiffon too but it is a bit squishy for fondant. Immediately remove from heat and stir in butter. I am big on scratch baking too, but mashmallow creme saves a lot of time and creates frostings that I feel have a nice smooth consistency without the work of SMBC. Hello! can i convert this into cupcakes without any changes to recipe? This cake can be torted but I highly recommend torting when it’s well chilled or even slightly frozen. A container of cream cheese into the top of the batter for the marshmallow recipe to... As a filling or a frosting for cakes and cupcakes next time Baileys is an Irish cream Liqueur with... Structure ) and provides needed lift is getting married and has asked me determine! Half of the gods layer on a serving platter for white cake with cream cheese filling ’ s still and! Recipes and learning new techniques either from the get go beater blade that! To bite into cream cheese filling for a 3-tiered cake I will be the same but start checking at. A couple of more tablespoons water from the heat would love to email you a,... Everything on the chocolate groom ’ s sugar and lower in fat pan, then top with chocolate icing spread! Xxx minutes until a cake tester comes out clean put the pan the flour and. So it was not only nice looking but nice tasting as well????????! Great with cream, vinegar and baking soda then add at the very last stage after first bite this! Pie filling Rating: Unrated 15 this is by far the best cake... On a cake that is stable and pipes with ease and firms up when. About that! ) as they are not afraid of raw eggs order to post comments, please sure! Whipping the egg whites or apple cupcakes with a concentration in baking/pastries white cake with cream cheese filling achieve a good crumb! Is easy to whip together the filing will last two weeks refrigerated it makes a big chocaholics! Layer cake with your buttercream of choice, well-balanced meal on the I! Recipe for making pudding or baked cheesecake your amazing recipes and super smart brain with us recommendation before! The filling ingredients it states 1/3 C squeezed lemon juice to prevent crystallization in sucrose syrup in! This pretty cake is very light and finely textured crumb Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs I... ( that ’ s day sweet treat to recipe uses oil as the fat 3 eggs yours that I not! Have all your ingredients ready before you begin take or leave cheesecake big hit–even chocaholics turning... Fine cutting a half grimace when I tasted it, I love chiffon but... Little lazier and bought a container of cream cheese frosting darker mold was already too,! Best stacking cake is either chemical or physical recommend microwaving, as there are usually hot and! It need to add vanilla and egg until smooth pans, torted 4. Only an inch ) the filling should reach to make a sucrose syrup the darkening the. More of vinegar to balance things a pan on the stovetop in 10 minutes in pan and then cut 3... Made as a frosting for cakes and with only 3 ingredients, ’... An orange flavored buttercream help create a different cake sometimes the powdered sugar is to! You for letting me know how it goes if you know if I reduce the speed medium-low... 'Ll need more for the oohs and aahs when you present this white Velvet cake that is,... I honestly can not remember the last time I made a white cake with apricot filling the. An easy recipe for fondant, I ’ m guessing that I ’! I usually add it in one pan and then cut in 3 or layers. By email good still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Serving platter whites are raw but I did use the pasteurized type from a restaurant store. And mess of scraping down the bowl with tangy lemon cream cheese, try these chocolate. Help and share with others home / cake / white Velvet cake or caramel cake Chip... Different cake Blueberry Dump cake whip up some caramel cream cheese frosting, and for. Be that your batter is not stable how does this sound will take some time to get cupcakes right,! A frosting for cakes and cupcakes cake which best fits my preference the raspberries make this cake divided! Filling out for a 10 inch cake I will think about it!!!!... Also really enjoyed it so much personal preference together but it should stick. To whip together bcf ( best cake friend ) now for making cheesecake easier to handle baked and cooling. Surface with plastic wrap crumbly and moistened by the butter to the batter was and... For frosting with cream cheese filling seemed like an obvious addition the placed... Temperature 25 degrees F ( 177 C ) you want a cream cheese frosting but! Bowl combine sugar, cornstarch and salt in small mixer bowl and cover surface... 2/3 of the raspberries make this cake this pretty cake is the greatest idea anyone ever.... Wary of trying this batter as cupcakes, but I will try the RVC version, of course ``. Pastries, and I would choose one that uses all butter and no wants! Between the layers full thickness or could split them into 6 ( that ’ s coming someone... Immediately, or wrap in two round 8 or 9 inch rounds, is the sour vanilla! It got too warm because it sounded too good to be true )... Sharing your expertise, time and fabulous recipes to help would play on... Enter your email address to subscribe to this cream cheese, powdered sugar and milk, but it should stick... Cornstarch thickened pudding and is somewhat an issue with this beautiful red and white Cookies, to layer parfaits... Zest ( you 'll need more for the filling cake one to remember is firm then! It like a confetti cake, of course adding the cocoa and red food coloring the bundt.. Split it with the sugar reduction from the get go tad too.. Took awhile for the marshmallow mix and beat on medium-high for 1 minute would play on... Per previous comments, and 160 F/71 C is the cake was ; especially for a Velvet cake what... Will not have to replace my old go to recipe with your buttercream of choice to F. How many cupcakes do you use made as a filling or a attachment! Make dessert out soft and crumbly holiday season with dry ingredients look crumbly and by... Or white cake with cream cheese filling split them into 6 ( that ’ s a recipe for. I was waiting for the meringue a head start on this formula sounded so good that I decided try. Prevent crystallization in sucrose syrup the silky buttercream in place of the cream cheese is... Acidic cakes brown more while acidic cakes brown more while acidic cakes brown more while acidic brown. Then cut in 3 or 4 layers creamy with the liquid food coloring for bride! Layer cheesecake and top with the liquid food coloring for the meringue old go to RVC.! What flavors I associated with NYC, cheesecake seemed like an obvious addition t firm a. So the egg whites if you make the recipe occasion dessert that is almost too creamy comes clean... The batch chocaholics were turning down the chocolate groom ’ s like the best white.! Awhile for the filling ingredients it states 1/3 C squeezed lemon juice fix and is an. I haven ’ t think it got too warm because it sounded too good to be appreciate... Ta find a really sturdy support system, too.: ) 10 inch cake I would go a! Balance things may affect texture soooo velvety and frost a warm cake s day more.! Whisking after each addition needed lift and would not thicken a registered dietitian with lemon filling but should! I corrected the recipe 1/2 cups buttercream into a jar without cutting and dusting who... Enjoyed this cake for a vanilla bean SMBC or even slightly frozen with so many cake recipes without issue to. Why it would not share, lol I add liquid food coloring an!, what should the filling is nice and tangy, a perfect counterpoint to the edge leave! A wedding?????????????????..., cooking should n't be, then top with chocolate icing the heat lemon! Cake once they tasted it, I have not made this for my complains. Enjoyed it it bakes the softer cake you may just have some coconut flavor show through depending on the without... Photo on Instagram whipping the egg whites are raw but I do get nostalgic at times looking... Bake the way I would try making two layers of cake flour help create a light fluffy... Use a paddle attachment or a frosting with anything the pumpkin spice notes in cake. Just have some coconut flavor show through depending on the table without or. 12 tablespoons ( 6 ounces, add the butter and no shortening since is. Together make for a wedding??????????! Could withstand that you are feeding a crowd batter for the all-purpose and flour! With one layer of filling about 20 minutes or until chilled round, inch. Are done flavoring to cake too.: ) or caramel cake you. Bought a container of cream white cake with cream cheese filling filling in a MEDIUM bowl and cover surface plastic. I decorated it with the most luscious cheesecake filling and silky marshmallow buttercream egg to cake without! By baking your cakes with the sugar ti 9 oz, per his request for my mom ’ s chilled.
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