Besides its hemlock trees, Pennsylvania is … Colonial Landscape Design (PDF) View all Landscape … OSHA Cert. It features dense growth and thorns, full sun to partian shade, and dry soil, which makes it easy for any caretaker to manage. Many recognize St. John’s Wort from the holistic medical use to treat depression. By Greg Hume: Eastern Redbud Moisture: Med/Dry Sun: Full/Part/Shade Hgt. There are a lot of other shrub type landscape roses, most notably the Knock Out varieties. That's where these low-maintenance shrubs and bushes come in. One of top 10 butterfly plants! Amsonia is a great perennial. Its member landscape contractors, retail garden centers, wholesale nurseries and greenhouses produce outdoor living environments that improve economic value, air quality, water quality and human health. Bloomerang lilac reblooms on new growth, so should only be pruned after flowering to avoid removing any of the current season’s flowers. You'll get ideas for color, décor, materials, plants and fabric. If you are looking for annuals to put into your landscape or containers that are deer resistant, you can keep reading our Deer Resistant Plant List below or check out our blog “20 of the Best Deer Resistant Annuals for Chester County Gardens”. The leaves turn a bronze to red color during the later summer and fall months. Slow-growing dwarf or compact varieties are a smart choice for under windows. 10 native trees that make excellent landscape choices. Shrub Roses – Bloom all summer off and on. The shrub is deciduous, grows from 4 to 6 feet tall and features dark-green, egg-shaped leaves from 2 to 4 inches long that turn red-purple in the fall. In June, this relatively low maintenance shrub rests, then begins reblooming in July, continuing until frost. The uses and intents for each of the varieties of shrubs vary, and one should take the following into consideration: Purpose of shrubs (aesthetics, privacy, smooth drainage), Environmental conditions (soil, weather patterns, sun/shade ratio). Airy’ (Fothergilla x intermedia). It features a burst of yellow flowers completely enshrouding the shrub, appearing in spring before the leaves begin to show. These plants form an important group of landscape plants for the homeowner. You may have heard this type of hydrangea referred to as “tree-type” hydrangeas. All parts of this shrub are to… These are upright hydrangeas that flower on new wood from July into fall. There are … You can support us by becoming a member, making a … You do need to be patient. plants, accent plants with seasonal color, or as screening for privacy. A very versatile shrub with very lush, vivacious color throughout the year. Fear not though, there are plenty of deer resistant plants that you can use in your landscape. This dwarf shrub produces lush, red flowers in the spring/summer as well as juicy, bright scarlet berries which are the favorite of bears (hence, their name). Showy, fragrant clusters of white to pale pink, tubular flowers with protruding red stamens bloom in June and July, later than most garden azaleas. Be sure the roots are fleshy and firm. Mostly suited for dry, lean soils with a full exposure to sun, it also thrives with companion plants of like variety. Astilbe (Astilbe spp.) It’s best to plant these from bare roots. Mountain Laurel – The state flower of Pennsylvania, the mountain laurel can be found all the way from Maine to Florida, where it grows wild in the woods but also look beautiful in landscape plantings with other flowering shrubs and bushes. We are an all volunteer, member based, non-profit organization. Mar 16, 2018 - Explore Diana Silvestri's board "Native Plants Pennsylvania", followed by 121 people on Pinterest. There are approximately 2,100 native plants in Pennsylvania. The Japanese Quince has been used as an ornamental plant for centuries and is also grown as a bonsai tree. Texture, color, multi-season interest, low care, durability… this shrub has it all. It delivers loads of breathtaking berries that transform from green to shades of vivid pink and blue in early winter. Plant this intoxicating shrub where you can really enjoy it — near the patio where you savor your morning coffee, along the path to your door, or near a window you like to open for balmy breezes. But just because they are dependable doesn’t mean they have to be boring. This will cut back on the amount of work you need to do to keep them alive. They differ from rounded blue of the familiar big-leaf hydrangeas in that their flowers are more cone-shaped and generally white, pink, rose or bicolor. Add Features NJ License 13vh08112100 These shrubs are most often referred to in the horticultural community as evergreen or deciduous shrubs. They supply color to the landscape when other trees and shrubs are bare in the winter months. At the turn of the 21st century, about 1,300 species of non-native plants existed in Pennsylvania outside of gardens, parks, and agricultural lands. The leaves are a rounded, textured leaf that used to be used for medicinal purposes in liquid extracts and tea to treat many ailments. Or they offer up such intoxicating fragrance, you make excuses to go outside, just to inhale, and swoon. Instead, we suggest you look no further than this blog. All plants need extra watering and attention when they are first planted, but once they are established, native plants usually need less pampering. The Pennsylvania Landscape & Nursery Association (PLNA) is the leading trade association representing Pennsylvania's $6.8 billion green industry. It only requires some sun and porous soil. Our 6 Favorite Landscape Shrubs to add Beauty and Fragrance to Your Central Pennsylvania Yard, Outdoor Living Ideas That Stand the Test of Time. They line up obediently in rows for hedges and provide great background for the prima donna of the garden — eye-catching annuals and perennials. This native viburnum has multi-season interest. An introduced or non-native plant is one that has been brought into the state to become established in the wild. You can find a rhododendron to fit any spot in your landscape. They’re disease-resistant, so they don’t need pesticides, and once established, they don’t need a lot of water. Their reliability is only enhanced by the uniqueness. Pennsylvania is home to a vivid landscape from the speckled oak trees of Philadelphia to the water lilies of Lake Erie. When most people think of ornamental plant life, they imagine the intricately shaped shrubs that dot the many lawns of suburbia. The Pennsylvania Native Plant Society advocates conservation of native plants and their habitats, and promotes the increased use of native plants in the landscape. Shrubs are the dependable mainstays of any landscape design. Search by flower color, height at 10 years, bloom time,  fragrance and more to find just the right variety. The deciduous and evergreen shrubs described in this publication were selected to provide a broad perspective of the landscape plants available for use in Pennsylvania.
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