Today, biometrics is a well-developed technology that provides instant access to mobile banking while maintaining an adequate level of security. The user can gain instant insight into the categories that he/she has spent the most on by clicking on the chart. Such a UI is familiar to the users and integrates banking into their social space. In our four-article series, we guide you through 20 examples that demonstrate how it's possible to quickly improve the customer experience of your financial product using the power of financial UX design. If you are interested, it's possible to buy this Super Bank App UX/UI Design at Fintech UI marketplace. Customers can also easily sort out all related transactions, edit transaction categories and report suspicious activity instantly. Such a banking gamification platform could also be used for cross-promotions from different partners. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE? For an effortless login, we provide a quick entry through biometrics (TouchID or FaceID/ VoiceID), but, for high-sensitivity functions (security settings, changing limits, etc.) Download 100,000+ Royalty Free Banking Ui Vector Images. analyzing and determining key app functionality; exploring trending technologies to provide the most simple and clear solution for the user’s financial journey; testing the usability of the future product and customer reaction even before coding is started; providing an engaging real-life touch and feel experience of the product to impress your stakeholders or investors; setting up final product interaction and motion features to the development team. UXDA first introduced our vision of the banking super app in 2016 in the Neobank UX Fintech Case Study. Some financial market players have already begun to take their first steps in the direction of banking ecosystem development inside super apps. It displays not only the user’s overall balance but also demonstrates the movement of a person's finances and recent financial notifications. This kind of app should also be able to predict the exact moment when a user needs a specific product, and provide it by combining big data with behavior-based predictive analytics. Customers have the opportunity to get financial support through an overdraft or pre-approved fast loan with just a single click. If the user is eager to get the new car instantly, he/she can choose the one with the best fit from the available options and receive it by the next day just by clicking the “Buy” button and confirming the agreement. Smart contact synchronization from a core banking database, social networks and phone book should compile all of the contacts into a single list. By continuing my topic of utility bills payment, i would like to present you another project. Linda's responsibility and punctuality have become a legend around the agency. The customer would want to see the status of each account and the overall balance of his/her family. Bank App UI Concept Exploring finance app and typical functionality like money transfer, history of transaction i credit cart. All of a user's financial information in a timeline inspired by social networks. There's also an ability for the customer to compare his spending levels with friends or the average bank customer. Monika's biggest joy is to see thousands of people getting inspired by our ideas. To provide customized proposals for each customer, AI could be used for a more accurate customer credit scoring based not only on the user's bank's profile and credit history, but also social profiles and offline activity. By pulling up the card, the user can discover more spending insights, set a budget and goals and pay the bills, resulting in a delightful experience from the digital bank interface. We care about your opinion! As more and more neobanks, as well as traditional players, provide this convenient and effortless option, customers have already begun to expect it from their financial services. In UXDA's banking super app interface, we have taken into account and designed a full range of financial transfers, including: All of these transfers are just a few clicks away and take a minimum amount of time and effort. Sign in to Mobile & Online Banking to access your personal and small business accounts, see balances, transfer funds, pay bills and more. Mobile Banking App on UI Movement Toggle navigation In lots of cases, especially for innovative banking apps, it is useful to create a banking motion prototype that helps to explore real-life user experience. What are your thoughts? Simplifying the obvious "To capitalise on the growing demand for mobile banking … Mobile Banking App UI. For example, a customer gets a push notification about a pre-approved loan offer for a brand new car. Orizon: UI/UX Design Agency Team. Why some digital financial products are demanded and loved by the customers while others bankrupt? Users are now able to send money in seconds within the app, without commissions, regardless of the bank account you and your friends have. Mobile App UX/UI Design. This is a convenient way for the customers to always stay on top of their finances by having the ability to easily explore paid, unpaid and scheduled bills, as well as their budget level. 892. A financial app that motivates to reach users financial goals. We are actively looking for a UI/UX designer to help build our client's web and mobile banking … For the financial app to become a part of the customer's lifestyle, it has to serve as a companion in achieving bigger financial goals─motivating and helping the customer through the process. Mobile Banking App Cradle is the first bank where you can create an account from anywhere. Hope you like it! The banks that still struggle or don't even look for ways to implement this are putting themselves at great risk. A super app is an app that delivers a compelling user experience by leveraging the unique capabilities of the platform. The banking super app design makes it simple to split bills, request and send money and send a friendly reminder to friends and other beneficiaries who have forgotten to pay. The mission of the banking super app is to provide a delightful banking user experience for any type of account, so that the activity in all accounts would be easy to review, monitor and manage. At Project Finance, we develop white-label online and mobile banking software. No mission is impossible for her. He/she taps the mic icon and voices the request. In UXDA's Fintech app design, these options are conveniently available from the main menu. UI/UX Design We offer low and high-fidelity UI/UX design services for your project. This is exactly what UXDA's bank super app concept delivers. Connect with them on Dribbble; the global community for designers and creative professionals. Mobile banking app design is more important than ever. In this way, we reinvent the banking user experience into a financial assistant that saves the user time and effort. Feel free to visit STFN website to get more information about our approach, vision and process. From this screen, it's also easy to access the support chat. This is the most familiar and convenient interface format for mobile users. This is the only way to deliver a full neobank service that covers every issue related to the user’s financial life and needs. Can you improve the customer experience of your financial app in just a few days? Nice to meet you again, Dribble! This is where the banking super app takes personalization to a new level. To provide an instant view of how much money is actually available, this banking super app concept offers a forecast of the account balance to the time of the next scheduled financial income amount. This ensures a holistic banking customer experience that allows the user to manage everything they might need concerning their private and financial lives, all from a single app. Linda is a source of endless energy. ... View Bebank — Mobile Banking. In the series of "Financial UX Explained" we look at the Financial UX Methodology. We propose to use financial AI settings to automatically prepare or even pay bills. Our team visualized how a mobile banking platform can operate and expand indefinitely through aggregating third-party products via APIs. Money transfers and bill payments are one of the TOP priority scenarios of the digital banking customer experience. In this way, the customer would be able to use any attribute for the search recipient in the contact list (e.g., name, e-mail, phone number, account number, debit card, social ID), then select the money amount and transfer channel and simply click the “send” button, easily transferring the money in just a few seconds. Other super app examples include Grab, Line and Gojek (Get). Banks offer their customers a myriad of different financial services, but, despite that, the users aren't able to achieve the maximum value that these products can provide. Other restrictions apply. This Fintech app design concept not only displays the overall dynamics of the user balance but also provides a forecast for the near future. tips on how to reduce spending in the categories in which users spend the most; notifications about urgent financial activities that require immediate attention; recommendations about savings and investments according to the user's goals; reminders to pay bills and make other regular payments; useful contextual messages, such as suggestions for nearby ATMs when traveling; mindful budget alerts when visiting shops, etc. The application is personalized and uses machine learning and AI to select products specifically based on the needs of a particular user. 15 years in the industry working with 150+ digital design projects provides him with a unique skill to turn delightful experiences into breathtaking designs. Her remarkable experience as a TV and radio personality in the leading media makes her the strongest communicator of UXDA's mission. So, how does that work? Why would financial services UX lag behind and offer a dreadful experience? The banking super app dashboard conveniently displays details about the transaction, including the beneficiary, amount, category and even a location on the map where the transaction was made. scaling its banking ecosystem by adding new features and products, including those provided by third-party institutions. The main purpose was to create more elegant look, with strong focusing on … Use online bill pay to pay your monthly bills and Mobile Deposit to deposit checks using your mobile device’s camera without having to add a trip to the bank… In the settings panel, the user has rewards points. This would allow the bank to generate a personalized proposal even before the user has requested it. See how easy it is to make and sell apps to clients. Andrew is our design ninja. This banking concept has become one of the best UX case studies, reaching more than 200,000 financial professionals from 147 countries. It would seem like we’ve gone back in time when there was no digital technology, and everyone sent letters. In the Mobile Banking app, select Deposit Checks, then Help for details, and other terms and conditions. international transfers with currency exchange and payment requests. To use UI Online Mobile, you must first register in both Benefit Programs Online and UI … WeChat messenger contains more than a million products and micro applications from financial transactions, loans and trade to games, entertainment and ticket booking. Don't forget to share your love [L]. Detailed information about each transaction is available by simply clicking on it. Further, future banks should find and combine identical contacts to ensure the ultimate banking user experience. While many f... Do you know that making mobile apps is not hard, once you have the right point and click tools. UX/UI Design for Mobile Banking First Ukrainian International Bank is a Top-10 Bank in Ukraine with a rich history of 26 years in commercial banking. We believe users should get more value out of it than just simply viewing the recent account transactions that often lack any information or insights. We believe that, in the near future, banks would not add hidden fees. In this way, the users can quickly evaluate their financial situation and can plan their expenses accordingly. Select Benefit Programs Online below to log in or to register for access. Our goal was to spotlight key data and preserve a minimal visual density to ensure transparency and ease of use. Financial situation displayed in a clear and intuitive way. Thanks to online banking, you can manage your money anytime, almost anywhere. You can use this app template to create banking apps, crypto wallets, and budget planners. For users, it will ensure service discounts or exclusive offers with limited access. . The apps could use the external infrastructure of banking vendors for processing payments and other financial services. This can be ensured by using predictive analytics. Many challenger banks have already found ways to tackle it. It means that the traditional authentication with passwords and codes is definitely not something the users will expect to have in a modern, user-centered financial … The balance chart in UXDA's Fintech app design provides a lot of valuable information by simply taking a quick glance at it. Another very convenient feature of UXDA's neobank concept is the ability to explore income and expenses for the last month and compare those to the average levels in the same period for a particular account. His magic touch can make any interface bloom. This UX frame provides an easy categorization of the banking services, a personal recommendation component and subscription management. Viewing a transaction history is the second most important user scenario after checking the balance. What we can design. Drop a line to us at: email, Linkedin, Twitter. … As this kind of financial digital product is complex, a banking super app could rely on 10 mobile banking trends that you probably are already familiar with: When it comes to the UX architecture of this banking super app, we have to take into account that the person's financial life involves not only the user and his money but also his/her family, friends and dozens of financial products that solve different financial needs. UX/UI Design . This banking super app UX case study is aiming to create a new wave of motivation for the new banks, as well as the traditional players, to strive for even better financial experiences for their users. To guide and support the customers through the journey toward reaching a certain financial milestone, UXDA's banking super app UX design offers templates and relevant objectives, as well as a feature to set up automatic transfers into saving or investment accounts to more quickly reach the user’s goals. To make conversational banking available right from our home, the Internet of Things (IoT) would integrate UXDA's banking super app AI advisor with smart home assistants like Amazon Echo or Google Home. Connect with them on Dribbble; the global community for designers and creative professionals. The user checks it out and concludes that this is actually an offer that he/she would like to consider. Contextual recommendations are created by banking AI using predictive analytics based on big data, according to the nudge theory. They often ask for data that people don't even know where to find. Mobile Check Deposits are subject to verification and not available for immediate withdrawal. Webbdesign & Användargränssnitt/lA Projects for $50. Connect with them on Dribbble; the global community for designers and creative professionals. Child expenditures or maternity grants detected by the banking AI could become an ideal reason to offer a loan on increasing the living space. 1,804 Likes, 15 Comments - UX / UI Design Inspiration (@uxbrainy) on Instagram: “Financial App Brain By: @abdulldsgnr Join UXBrainy Community and Get Free Features …”. Many people struggle with monitoring their finances. The banking super app serves as a platform that unites financial solutions with retail services. Legendary case study on the UXDA's vision of Future Banking has collected over 100K reads and reveals the main stages of financial UX design. 30. The financial status of the customer is also monitored and evaluated, displaying the banking experience and credibility level. He always monitors the newest design trends and is famous for the ones he created himself. UXDA aims to identify a mobile banking trends and presents the future of banking━the ultimate banking super app UX/UI design concept. To reach the account menu, the user only needs to pull up the account data card. Welcome page for Booking app. and for transfers of large sums, additional authorization will be required. A banking super app must be a champion in personalization. This app will help you manage your expenses and track your spending habits. Banking app concept designed by Fred Zachinov. The main banking dashboard of UXDA's fintech app design concept is easy to understand. He spent 10 years researching UX and finance to create UXDA's methodology. UI Movement is a community of design enthusiasts who share and discuss the most interesting and unique UI designs. All that the user has left to do is just to tap “Confirm,” and the money would appear on his/her balance in just a few seconds. User's profile with the bonus points and credibility level. Now, they’re asked to log in to the banking super app and will be presented with a list of cars. Buy Bankios - Mobile Banking App UI Kit for Adobe XD by createuiux on ThemeForest. Alex has dedicated half of his life to studying human psychology, as well as business success, developing 100+ digital projects and 30+ startups. Our Design Team will create a brand … Finally, the user would expect for the bank to provide services that would guide them, track the situation and advise on the best ways that the customer can manage his/her financial life. UXDA's banking super app personal finance management allows sorting all transactions by category for which the users can set a budget. It displays money movement in a clear and intuitive way, allowing the customers to have greater control over their finances. Monika is our voice - able to reach the other side of the world with the power of inspiration. Mobile Banking on UI Movement Toggle navigation Let's model an example of how the workflow of a voice assistant in the conversational banking super app would work. When it comes to payments, many users state that they hate the hidden fees almost all banks have. This allows the users to evaluate and optimize their financial patterns. But as we all know, the traditional long payment forms with several input fields that cause headaches to the users are still common practice. A financial status overview is the first thing users should see after opening the application. UXDA's banking super app brings fun and positive emotions to the financial experience by using gamification. These recommendations may include anything that would help to enhance the user's financial life, for example: To create a truly intuitive banking user experience, we placed the transactions list under the accounts screen and linked it with the balance chart.
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