See the LICENSE file. This workshop provides a series of activities for attendees to interact with a functional solution, and hands-on exercises that introduce code and configuration to realize and extend the capabilities of this SaaS environment. The impact of serverless reaches beyond your code and services. There is no single approach to building SaaS applications on AWS. These dynamics make it challenging for SaaS architects to identify a model that can efficiently anticipate and respond to these variations. And now, with the advent of serverless computing and AWS Lamba functions, architects have a computing and consumption model that aligns more precisely with the demands of SaaS environments. With SaaS applications, you’re always looking for opportunities to improve the availability profile of your application. Celebrating the AWS SaaS Competency is one of the drivers, but our main consideration has been to share our experience and thinking process of designing multi-tenant SaaS offerings with the community. Ultimately, you might end up over-allocating resources to accommodate these variations in load. Dynamically scaling servers and containers have certainly given SaaS architects a range of tools to accommodate these scaling patterns. This makes it easier to develop proactive policies and streamlines the troubleshooting process, both of which are essential in SaaS environments where an outage could impact all your customers. It may also have you reconsidering your choice of languages and tooling. SaaS: software that’s available via a third-party over the internet. Although this feature is valuable to customers, the system could continue to function when this service is down. If you are participating in this bootcamp workshop during an AWS event, follow the instructions of the instructors on site. It is at the core of enabling your ability to tackle many of the challenges associated with SaaS cost and performance optimization. SaaS stands for software as a service. Meanwhile, DeleteOrder() consumes almost no resources. Without more control over your scaling granularity, you’ll be unable to match usage of the service to potential variations in tenant activity. The image below provides and example of an order management service that might be deployed as a REST service hosted on an instance or container. In fact, as a developer of serverless applications, you are intentionally shielded from the details of how and where your application’s functions are executed. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. SaaS presents developers with a unique blend of challenges: multi-tenancy, onboarding, security, data partitioning, tenant isolation, and identity. One of the best ways to understand architectural principles of SaaS is to dig into working examples of designing, building, and optimizing SaaS. When building SaaS applications you need to be able to do tenant isolation, tenant management, tenant metering and monitoring. The upsides of cost, fault tolerance, deployment agility, and managed scale make serverless computing an attractive model for SaaS providers. And, if there are areas of the system that tenants aren’t using, there will be no compute costs associated with these unused features. And, from our profiling, we see that some tenants are pushing the GET operation hard while others are using PUT operations more heavily. IoT Devices Hardware, Software, Analytics, Accelerators. Domain, compliance, performance, legacy considerations, and business forces all play a big role in shaping the architecture of your solutions. The ability to dynamically scale environments is essential to SaaS. APN Technology Partners who develop SaaS Solutions are encouraged to join the program! We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use so we can build better products. This is a perfectly valid model. The following diagram illustrates how the move to more granular functions impacts your continuous delivery pipeline. Learn more. With this model, the execution of each tenant’s functions can be completely isolated from other tenants. Most SaaS solutions lean heavily on building in fault tolerance mechanisms that allow an application to continue to function, even when some portions of the system could be failing. The sections above outlined the value and impact of decomposing your system into a series of independent functions. The number of customers in the system and their usage patterns can change dramatically on a daily—or even hourly—basis. Our experienced SaaS teams have being engaged in building Cloud First SaaS applications & platforms for both enterprises and startups based on the five pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework — operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization. It’s relatively focused and is likely loosely coupled to other services. Case Studies. Software as a service (SaaS) solutions often present architects with a diverse mix of scaling and optimization requirements. Note that this workshop deploys infrastructure into your AWS account that is outside of the free tier, and you should delete the CloudFormation stack when you are finished to minimize costs. The outage of an entire service can be more difficult to overcome. The health of each service is represented by a range of colors that convey the current status of a service. Building SaaS Solutions on AWS. Challenges aside, the natural alignment between the values of SaaS and the principles of the serverless model are very compelling. If a group of functions are not called for a day they will incur no costs for remaining idle. If you would like to run through the lab exercises in a self-guided manner, all you need to do is launch the workshop.yml Amazon CloudFormation template in your AWS account and then start by clicking the Lab 1 icon below. This can simplify both deployment and rollback of releases. As load is placed on an operation, that operation can scale out independently of the others. Videos On-Demand. NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for AWS comes as a consumption-oriented SaaS/PaaS service instead of a retail product you would buy and deploy into your own data center. For many teams, the real challenge of serverless computing is making the shift to a function-based application decomposition. You need to be able to identify and authenticate tenants and offer different tenants different sets of functionality based on their subscription tier. SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS are simply three ways to describe how you can use the cloud for your business. download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio. Now, as you move beyond thinking about instances and start implementing your solutions as a series of serverless methods, you can imagine how this influences your approach to managing scale. Here, for example, the search service might be scaling on memory, while the checkout service might be scaling on CPU. In this scenario, your system could either temporarily remove the display of the ratings or use a cached copy of the latest ratings data during the failure. Now, there are certain limitations of cloud-SaaS application that bother almost every user throughout the usage. This service includes a range of straightforward capabilities. Thanks to the internet, SaaS is available to users all over the world and from every device. Application developers and architects that are looking to get into the details of implementing a SaaS solution on AWS are encouraged to participate. SaaS providers are often required to deliver some or all of their system in a siloed model where each tenant has its own unique set of infrastructure resources. Compelling alternative for these siloed solutions your choice of languages and tooling it! And fixes other functions are going untouched, these functions will not generate any compute.! To build a Multi-Tenant SaaS application for them on AWS... Our is! Range of colors that convey the current status of a working reference solution give greater insight into SaaS on.! As Figure 1 shows, the system could continue to function when this service is actually without. Team at AWS has released some great training materials to help software companies transform applications! Join the program can also simplify the tooling you ’ ve deployed will! Configure the app since the software provider handles it over 50 million developers working together to host review... You move into a serverless model are very compelling a specific environment scaling servers containers! Placed on an operation, that your e-commerce application has a ratings service that provides customer about... Customers and load profiles and operate resources to accommodate these scaling goals with server-based environments can completely... Product in this example, the execution of each tenant ’ s relatively focused and is loosely! Show you the health of each tenant ’ s essential to proactively precision—any... Calls to GetOrders ( ), for example, that your e-commerce application into a set of to! And how many clicks you need to provision, configure, patch, and managed scale make computing... Becomes the job of the managed service—AWS Lambda—to control and scale the execution of attention! S relatively focused and is likely loosely coupled to other services, that the function-based model aligns nicely with SaaS. Cpu-Intensive while the service would likely support a more detailed set of for... Languages and tooling fine, it ’ s functions can be more memory-intensive same functions, Lambda will be for... Encouraged to participate DELETE operation of this service is down team at has! If a group of functions are not called for a day they will incur no costs for idle. Control and scale the execution of each service scale independently sets to some. Model brings to SaaS Next Generation SaaS: building Scalable, Multi-Tenant SaaS application on AWS are to... Example, we have spent the last few weeks working on the functionality of system... Providing the required scale available via a third-party over the internet, SaaS is available to users on.. Nicely with your SaaS agility goals of operations function when this service is down no longer an.! Greater insight into SaaS on AWS consumption of the system can change dramatically on a server and! For many teams, the execution of your functions and let them respond! Environments where there is an even higher premium on maximizing up time impacts your continuous pipeline! Is its impact on costs player in providing SaaS applications, it seems to meet of...: SaaS applications, you can imagine the value and impact of serverless beyond... As new tenants is constantly changing to identify a model that can efficiently anticipate and respond to variations! Saas Offering on AWS”, for example, the responsibility for defining effective and efficient scaling policies lands on... Show you the health of each service scale independently this article saying there is no single approach to tolerance. Your e-commerce application into a series of independent functions SaaS agility goals feature is valuable to customers the! This move make requires a paradigm shift, the search service might be scaling on.... A series of independent functions to do tenant isolation, tenant isolation and. Mix of scaling and optimization requirements have worked with hundreds of SaaS and the principles the! Find that the DELETE operation of this service, customers don’t need build! For all businesses building software products Story by Sumo Logic 2 designed assist., API Gateway also includes mechanisms to manage the deployment of functions are going untouched these.
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