The "Cave Fire" was first reported along Highway 154 and East Camino Cielo at around 4:15 p.m. In 2000, a … Driven by strong winds late Monday evening, the fire exploded to over 3,000 acres within hours. The blaze broke out Monday at about 5 p.m. in the Santa Ynez Mountains area of Los Padres National Forest towards the top of San Marcos Pass, near … The fire started on Highway 154 and E Camino Cielo near Painted Cave in the Los Padres National Forest. SBARTS, Good grief, that's even worse news that the homes in Painted Cave were going to knowingly be "sacrificed". It is not a Cal Fire incident however. The fire in Santa Barb area is now at 3800 acres and 0% containment. Miraculously, Gurka’s was the only death in the Painted Cave, or, Paint Fire, which started near the top of San Marcos Pass above Santa Barbara. The 1990 Painted Cave Fire (named for the intersection of 154 and Painted Cave Road, where the arson was committed, not the community) primarily moved downslope and did not directly threaten the community, though it did burn outliers. While it's still unclear what sparked the Cave Fire, first responders say California's changing climate — marked by more severe droughts and extreme temperatures — is fueling these fires. A new California fire—known as the Cave Fire—has sparked near Painted Cave Road and East Camino Cielo in Los Padres National Forest just north of Santa Barbara on Monday. The Painted Cave Fire was a devastating wildfire that burned in the Santa Ynez Mountains and the city of Santa Barbara, within Santa Barbara County, California. [August, 2000] In 1996 Leonard "Lenny" Ross emerged as the prime suspect when his former live-in girlfriend, Peggy Lynn Finley, told investigators that he had confessed to her during a love-making session enhanced by the drug Ecstacy that he was the one who started the Painted Cave Fire. The residents, the ones we know, were told the backfires were lit by out of town firefighters who had no reason to know about the homes. Painted Cave Fire Department Kevin Buckley, fire chief of the Painted Cave Volunteer Fire Department, has been accused of using departmental funds to buy an $1,800 dining room table, a $1,200 artificial Christmas tree, a 62-inch flat-screen TV, and hundreds of dollars’ worth of gas for travel unrelated to departmental business. In 1990, a destructive 5,000-acre wildfire called the Painted Cave Fire burned in the Santa Ynez Mountains -- the same location -- damaging 427 homes and killing one. The Cave Fire Map has grown overnight to 3800 acres, Cal Fire tells news.
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