Are you one of those gardeners who get bored easily and like to redo their garden layouts, ripping out plants every season to try something new? That alone is one of the best reasons not to grow bamboo. Not only that, but bamboo is an excellent crop for carbon sequestration. Again, if we look at how bamboo grows, it is unquestionably more sustainable than cotton. Phone: 805.316.1233 Can bamboo be grown in large containers in CT? Since then he has owned and operated two eco-boutiques and written 1000s of articles about bamboo, green living and world travel. I planted bamboo as a privacy screen, between my in town plot lot and my neighbors. It will also require a rich mixture of renewable energy sources. The holistic cure for the earth will include the use of more sustainable crops like hemp, bamboo and flax. Not only does this make bamboo fabric durable but it is also breathable and lightweight. Bamboo can be used as food, fiber and shelter and due to its ease of growth and extraordinary growth rate is a cheap, sustainable and efficient crop. 1. Healing the planet will take more than just two aspirin and a shot of adrenaline. It requires little maintenance and is relatively drought tolerant, although it performs better with regular irrigation. Yes, bamboo will help, and it may be one of the most accessible options in our toolbox. Bamboo forests, even when cultivated, can flourish and maintain most of their natural biodiversity. Some of the best and most popular uses of bamboo fabric include socks, t-shirts, towels and bed sheets. One of the greatest benefits of bamboo over other resources is its perpetual growth habit. Or to use another metaphor, we’re going to need a very well-stocked medicine cabinet. Think of the millions of acres of corn across Nebraska, or wheat in Kansas. In nature, bamboo has a completely different growth habit from these domesticated grains and fibers. Bamboo has long been the first choice for scaffolding in China. Bamboo absorbs greenhouse gases and releases oxygen into the atmosphere. It’s nothing crazy like snail slime or whale excrement, and what’s more, its alleged benefits are true. And now, at last, we are reaping our comeuppance, with dirty air, islands of garbage and vanishing rainforests. I don’t believe that any one resource can save the planet single-handedly, but bamboo’s many benefits and myriad uses should make it key player in the path to a greener future. I guess planting bamboo out of spite for your neighbours may not be a good enough reason to plant it. The environmental benefits don’t stop there. Because it’s not plastic, you know it can biodegrade in a reasonable amount of time. So, this holiday season, we created a giving campaign for two of our favorite non-profits who are working to help put food on the tables of hungry families across the U.S. and around the world.Â. But when it comes to supple softness, as in a cozy t-shirt, nightgown, or a pair of undies, there’s nothing better than bamboo. Sign up for our newsletter. Silica (or silicon) is a naturally-occurring mineral found in many foods (primarily vegetables) and water sources. But today bamboo also appears after the meal in reusable, biodegradable toothbrushes, even in bamboo charcoal infused toothpaste. Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! what kind of if so what kind of plant should I get and how far apart should they be grown? Just like any plant, it needs to be the correct plant for the right situation or conditions. Climbing types take a little longer to fill in. Think of the boll weevil plagues on the cotton fields of the Deep South. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And, I hope you have a lot of time and energy on your hands, because it will take a few years and a lot of due diligence to totally eradicate. Apparently takes five years to establish then Geronimo.... hopefully! Indoor Bamboo Plant Benefits. Dracaena is defined as a tropical palm-like shrub or tree with ornamental foliage, popular as a greenhouse or indoor plant. The benefits of bamboo leaves with antioxidants and high antibacterial content can fight and get rid of pimples. It is also a renewable resource that may help save the world’s dwindling forests. Just be reasonable, harvest responsibly, and don’t go clear-cutting. Clumping bamboo isn’t as gigantic either, topping out at about 6 feet (2 m.). When trees are cut down, on the other hand, we suffer doubly. Those who wear bamboo clothing liken the feeling similar to that of silk or cashmere. This is done to exterminate weeds and bugs and also to replenish basic soil components like nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. But far more impressive are the modern bamboo homes that have been gaining popularity in America and the West with their lighter carbon footprints. These are a few of our most popular articles: FEATURED IMAGE: Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Kyoto, Japan (Unsplash). Throughout the 20th century, ad men and mad men convinced us to consume, replace and repeat. 10. Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden. Due to its fast-growing nature, bamboo farms that make responsible use of available land are an incredibly potent form of carbon sequestration. Hi Linda, Yes, you should be fine, but you can contact the American Bamboo Society for reassurance, or a commercial bamboo farm like Only Moso in Florida or Lewis Bamboo in Alabama. Historically, the common solution to these two problems has long been the heavy use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Again, we’re not suggesting that we start making everything from bamboo and stop using anything else. And since the majority of toothbrushes are plastic, that means that mountains of old toothbrushes are piling up all over the world. And that makes bamboo more than just a wonder crop for farmers, craftsmen and industrialists. Here are the top five benefits … Hopefully, it’ll help make your holiday season as special as possible. When harvested mature and properly cured, it can be even harder than oak. Considering the many uses of bamboo, it is without a doubt an essential alternative to deforestation and conventional timber. Bamboo is a plant that actually helps to prevent soil erosion. Unlike most commercial crops, bamboo can be cultivated without a massive disruption to the local habitat. Benefits of Bamboo Products. You’ll still see it if you walk past a construction site anywhere in Asia. Just as the plant grows quickly, it also removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere faster, converting it into life-giving oxygen. Cutting the grass actually keeps it looking healthy and green, promoting fresh new growth. Learn how your comment data is processed. A very interesting read.? I really enjoyed reading it and gained valuable information. It will be only clumping varieties for me, I believe. Bamboo is Sustainable. As long as the climate is right, bamboo grows in nearly any type of reasonably fertile well-drained soil. Not only the benefits of having bamboo plants in home, but also you can place in your workplaces. Other Benefits. It is now OUT. Call it what you want, but the more people hop on board this bandwagon of renewable resources, the better off our world will be. Environmental benefits. Greenington has been a leader in the solid bamboo furniture industry for well over a decade, proving that sustainability and sleek design really can go hand-in-hand. And the more policy makers become aware of this fact, the more they encourage farmers, especially in developing countries like India, to use bamboo. Moso bamboo, for example, is probably the most widely grown bamboo for clothing and building materials, reaching heights of more than 100 feet in a single season. To this day, bamboo houses are a common site across the rural parts of China and South East Asia. With a great number of benefits, it’s no wonder bamboo sheets have many fans. For those unfamiliar with the material, however, the choice of bamboo over traditional hardwood may not seem obvious. As we scramble to find a remedy against climate change, this is key. Structural Benefits of Bamboo. Bamboo provides us with a sustainable resource from which to produce wood for construction and product purposes. Bamboo is mainly found in Asia, some parts of Africa and parts of Americas in many different varieties. One more item that’s really gaining traction, is the bamboo bicycle. I believe problems have arisen due to a lack of proper information by sellers of bamboo or people accepting plants and information from novices. It can also be harvested without the death of the crop. But if we can substitute a durable bamboo product for a single-use plastic item, or do something that can simultaneously preserve our forests and reduce the levels of global pesticide use, then let’s do that, please. In this article we will address a host environmental problems facing the world today, many of them having to do with industrial scale farming and modern day consumerism. Solar can’t do it all. Read on for information about bamboo benefits vs. bamboo disadvantages so you can decide which choice is best for you – to plant bamboo or not to plant bamboo. Today, most viscose and rayon fibers are produced from wood pulp. And if the loss of habitat doesn’t do it, the pesticides will. It is also a renewable resource that may help save the world’s dwindling forests. Historically, bamboo has been used in … The latest in bamboo cabinetry and countertops is simply sublime. can I grow clumping bamboo in a planter box, will the roots try to shoot thru? Your email address will not be published. Mary’s viewpoint: There are countless good reasons to grow bamboo, a fast-growing plant that provides many benefits in the home garden and beyond. No longer does green living require a compromise in quality or comfort. The trouble with humans is our precarious position at the top of the food chain. Once a running bamboo is established, its thick and tough rhizomes, which are resistant to most herbicides, can stretch out more than 100 feet (30 m.) and send out shoots at any point. It’s a regenerative plant in that you cut it down and it grows right back. Leave it unattended and it easily takes over. Bamboo was rated a score of 8.6/10 by NASA in the list of plants that purify air. We reaped the earth for all it had to offer, but neglected to give back. Asians not only build their homes with it, but bamboo is inextricably woven into their myths and folklore as well. its home has a concrete car park on one side and same on other so cant really go anywhere causing problems with neighbours thankfully but it is so slow to grow! These varieties like cooler climates and clumping varieties are limited unless you are in zones 8 or higher where choices of clumping varieties increases. Bamboo rhizomes can grow underground several feet (upwards of 20 feet/6 meters or more) in just a single season and it is said that some bamboo varieties, under the right conditions, can grow 3-4 feet (1 m.) in height in just 24 hours! So many great bamboo products out there supporting sustainability. Maybe your neighbor will let you borrow their pitchfork to dig up the bamboo…. It’s true that certain varieties of bamboo can grow 2-3 feet a day in the growing season. They’re silky soft without being slippery smooth and sliding off the bed like satin. Bamboo fiber is an amazing sustainable material with a wide range of applications. Eco-friendly: Both Bamboo and plastic toothbrushes are natural toothbrushes, but one major thing that differentiates them is that plastic is a non-biodegradable material and demands a lot of energy for its production. Dr. S. Dharmananda from the Institute for Traditional Medicine has summarized that most part of bamboo especially the leaves is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine or TCM and has become a part of their daily life. While bamboo floors certainly have their benefits, there are a few bamboo flooring problems that should not be ignored. They have an eight foot retaining wall between their properties. In fact, many believe it to be a powerful and safe therapy to reduce or eliminate the stress commonly associated with contemporary daily life. Rather than pure bamboo, a blend of half and half bamboo and cotton seems to work best for towels. That means devoting hundreds or thousand of acres to a single crop. Bamboo products are protective and Hygienic – Unlike other anti-microbial fabrics, organic Bamboo fiber … And it’s the same with bamboo, always growing back, renewing itself, even stronger than before. There’s simply nothing more renewable than bamboo. There is no single solution, no silver bullet, no easy way out. We can put a little more energy towards inputs, and not just focus on the output all the time. Also known as caustic soda, this is basically the same as lye, a standard ingredient in both commercial and homemade soap. Bamboo is a hot product now, with everyone wanting to cash in on this great money maker. Careful. Bamboo flooring, for example, just keeps getting better and better, with more options, more grains, and higher quality. Grown conventionally, cotton requires tremendous quantities of pesticides and herbicides to keep the weeds and boll weevils in check. It has been in for 10 years. Korean bamboo salt is famous with its benefit in avoiding allergically symptoms. Cannabis hemp remains an excellent alternative for heavy duty textiles like canvas, blue jeans, shoes and backpacks. Aggressiveness. You may have to wait a few years for it to mature and start putting out full-size culms. Strong and Soft. Can you share information or provide a resource we can contact? If you’re thinking about growing bamboo, don’t rush into a decision. A strain on neighborly relations. But we get it now. And it could take time. Then I spent a good portion of the next summer pulling up the roots, which spead quite agressively thru the yard. Bamboo is invasive. Among the tools we have to combat global warming and greenhouse gasses, the benefits of bamboo cannot be overstated. Bamboo leave not only beneficial for health, but also can be a natural herb for skin beauty. Bamboo has a well-deserved reputation for invasiveness, but not all types are rampant spreaders. The health benefits of this extraordinary bamboo leaf is thanks to the high antioxidants inside.  Happy holidays from all of us at Gardening Know How. But then we discovered, or rediscovered bamboo. It’s true, after all, that bamboo is stronger than oak, softer than cotton, faster growing than hemp, and nearly indestructible. One of the downsides to growing bamboo is that it is a long-term relationship and, as you will find out, breaking up is hard to do…, Difficult to eradicate.
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