ET Although the personalized food packaging trend is yet to be affordable to smaller food businesses, there are options to customize packaging. Category Design Trends ; Last Updated: February 12, 2020 . Media, Design Square These trends will help packages stand out. Das, R, 2019, ‘Nine food packaging trends you need to be aware of in 2020’ 14. This includes small-portion consumer packs, especially those containing healthy food … By meeting this need, brands have an opportunity to ensure that their message is maintained.”​. Thanks for sharing these packaging material with us. The “Food Contact Paper and Board Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2020-2025” report has been added to’s offering. 9 Food Packaging Trends You Need To Be Aware Of in 2020 1. The pack allows you to carry a burger, fries, and a drink in a foldable case that can be hooked to the handlebar. Now that 2020 is underway, now is a great time to evaluate the quality of your food packaging. Beverage packaging trends at a crossroads. Local, seasonal 2.0. I surprise how a lot attempt you put to create this kind of excellent informative site. Are you making the most of your produce? Top 3 Food and Beverage Packaging Trends for 2020. 4) Storytelling Packaging. Personalization. In 2020, we expect to see packaging designers using the current gradient trend as a jumping-off point for creating packaging that pairs both futuristic and retro design elements to create remarkable designs that will appeal to a variety of consumers. “And while many smaller refill stores use Instagrammable containers (such as attractive heritage glass jars), if refill is to become mainstream, consumers will expect refillable options that are easy to use from start to finish. After the soda giant successfully launched bottles printed with names, personalized gift orders on their online store experienced a massive boost in sales. We’ve moved beyond an age where a pretty design is enough to sell a product. Rising Demand for Probiotic Food. Will be helpful for our readers. Seller App – iOS Take for example the case of Paper Boat. The push for eco-friendly solutions has driven big brands to ditch single-use plastics and provide biodegradable, recyclable or reusable packaging. The term “vintage” refers to any design or hint of a time gone by. However, Mintel global packaging director David Luttenberger warned that without packaging to serve as one of the main communication channels from brands to consumers, branding could become challenging. Emotional content is popular in advertising, social media, and consumers, with positive sentiments leading the way. Last updated: 1/14/2020. Packaging & Labelling, Free newsletter Free newsletter The importance of gut health for the overall well being of an individual cannot be ignored. 2020’s packaging trends look set to be full of changes again, as the plastics/ glass debate unfolds further, set against a Brexit backdrop. Technology-based Packaging Customer Stories Copyright - Unless otherwise stated all contents of this web site are © 2020 - William Reed Business Media Ltd - All Rights Reserved - Full details for the use of materials on this site can be found in the Terms & Conditions, Related topics: 28,310; When executed properly, packaging designs can act as a marketing material too, portraying the brand and its values to consumers at the … Keep sharing your feedback! Packaging attributes of … 11.30.2020. From soil to stomach, wastage across the supply chain sees 1.3 billion tonnes of food thrown away every year. dataLayerNews = {}; Probiotic foodstuffs such as kefir, vinegar, curd, yoghurt will see a rise in 2020. 3. Smart packaging also tracks several parameters like pH, temperature, fermentation to ensure freshness, flavour, quality, and maintain compliance with health standards. Raw Pressery Juices is a good example of minimalistic beverage packaging. Let us have a look at the trends that will define 2020. I would like to recommend 2 more products that is paper sandwich bags and beeswax food wrap for food packaging. Because of this, brands need to be more innovative than ever when developing new packaging and finding the right balance of function and inspiration. Press release - WISEGUY RESEARCH CONSULTANTS PVT LTD - Food Service Packaging Market Growth Analysis 2020-2025, Trends, Segmentation with Leading Companies - … Recyclable and refillable packaging have been named as two trends to watch in 2020. Develop Plus, Partner Hub Industry strategies on food packaging and launch activity trends. (Think Texas BBQ flavor.) 4. Seller App – Android, Tel: +91 80 8000 4646 Personalization has been a crucial part of food packaging and is one of the leading trends. Multiple start-ups have also begun manufacturing single-use food packaging and cutlery from plant-based materials for improved sustainability. Here’s what we’re seeing as the top trends for 2020 and beyond: 1. The “Food Contact Paper and Board Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2020-2025” report has been added to’s offering. Even in the present days the packaging trends are shifting more towards eco-friendly. I have read a few just right stuff here. The more one cheered for their team, the more lights glowed. Get more such blog posts on Ecologically-aware packaging Zero waste . Clean labelling can help you upscale your brand identity and assist consumers in making a knowledgeable purchase. As per the research on Packaging and Consumer Behavior in 2020, “38% of consumers are willing to purchase a newly launched product with clear product information”. Technology can now be embedded... 2. Paper Boat has successfully incorporated the feeling of reminiscence in its packaging to add emotional appeal. There are currently three important trends we’re seeing in the plastic food packaging market. For example, plastic food trays are being replaced by biodegradable meal trays. In 2020, some key packaging design trends such as the use of bold colors and typography, vintage elements, black and white, fluid and geometrical shapes, and metallic effect etc will dominate. “Food packaging, the often-underappreciated element of food at retail, has a chance to shine within a marketplace and consumer base impacted by COVID-19, with 74% of consumers saying they prefer to buy products with packaging that will protect the contents from contamination. Thanks for sharing! 20 food trends for 2020. 5. This could be a single era or a combination of eras. } Packaging & labelling People see it as healthier – higher cocoa, lower sugar content,’ ... 2. Over the last few years, food packaging has become greener. If food and beverage companies want 2020 vision, then they will have to look to the past to plan for the future. To meet this need, brands are putting in extra effort into making food packaging portable. Print × Expand. Overall, 2021’s upcoming packaging trends feel way more “art gallery” than “commercial graphic design.” Alongside bold geometry and tactile textures, you’re also going to see a lot of your favorite (and soon-to-be favorite) products packed up in designs that feel like they were pulled right out of an anatomical illustration or engineering blueprint. Leaders are already offering edible wrappers for individually wrapped foods, and more zero-waste packaging concepts are on the way as companies continue to promote packaging that’s both good for you and good for the environment. About Us 3. It’s time to adopt these new trends for your brands and move ahead. Emerging trends in the food packaging industry are highly influenced by the need for smart, clean, convenient, and sustainable solutions. As the public too give importance for caring nature, many packaging companies are providing eco-food packaging for their clients. Thanks for sharing the valuable resource. vOut +=', '; Press release - Garner Insights - Food Packaging Market 2020 Emerging Trends by 2025 with major key Company Amcor, Crown Holdings, Owens-Illinois, Tetra Pak - published on The area where packaging is seeing the greatest surge is directly related to the consumer: retail convenience. The packaging industry has drifted away from flamboyant typefaces and cluttered designs, to adopt simplistic, clear labelling and packaging. In the food industry, the packaging is as important as the contents themselves. Most consumers have an ‘on-the-go’ lifestyle. As we enter a new decade, pharma will continue to face the challenges of the past. 23% of American consumers are making buying decisions based on sustainability compared to a year ago. This means they’re constantly looking for food options that are easier to grab, hold, eat, or carry. Modified atmospheres or controlled atmospheres are also maintained in some food packages. { Technology can now be embedded right into the packaging, Paper Boat has successfully incorporated the feeling of reminiscence in its packaging, Liso’s packaging conveys the use of best-quality ingredients, Minimalism is a huge trend in packaging design, The push for eco-friendly solutions has driven big brands, Packaging Design Review: Sugar Alternative Brands, Decoding The Different Types of Packaging Products [A Complete Guide], Handbook for Different Types of Paper Bags and Handles, A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Packaging Colours. Nowadays there is a huge demand for food packaging suppliers in Dubai. For instance, during the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia, Budweiser provided beer cups with embedded LED lights. Sign up to our free newsletter and get the latest news sent direct to your inbox. The pharmaceutical industry is experiencing a wave of disruption as part of what PwC refers to as the New Health Economy, says Rich Quelch, Global Head of Marketing at Origin. Consumers are more informed and they are looking for a more full experience from brands. “84% of consumers are willing to pay an additional amount of up to INR 3 for sustainable packaging” – Packaging and Consumer Behaviour: 2020. The packaging for Van Leeuwen ice creams, Jack Daniel’s whiskey, or even the Parle-G biscuit are classic examples of how elements— graphics, letterpress fonts, solid matte or pastel colors— from the 1950s or 1960s can be incorporated into the design. 10:02. The global food contact paper and board market grew at a CAGR … People are conscious of what they eat. 5 December 2019. Technology-enabled packaging can be used to add cosmetic appeal too. Plastic-free cellulose packaging designed by Emma Sicher. In 2020, we expect to see packaging designers using the current gradient trend as a jumping-off point for creating packaging that pairs both futuristic and retro design elements to create remarkable designs that will appeal to a variety of consumers. Why Is Chemical Packaging a Mindful Task & How to Best Do It? - Last updated on 2020 Packaging Industry Trends. Kuswandi, B, 2017,’Freshness sensors for food packaging’, Research Gate Innovations like compostable packaging made serious headway in 2019 and will continue to do so over the coming year. Consumer buying habits change with time and in 2020 we expect to see some new things come to fruition. This somehow presents itself as a contradiction for one of the main trends in 2020 to opt for more sustainable and environmentally responsible packaging solutions. Healthy food delivery arm underwent a packaging overhaul to clearly indicate the contents of each box. As we know—and as the article states—food packaging as important as the contents. We agree. Consumer buying habits change with time and in 2020 we expect to see some new things come to fruition. Smart consumers + smart packages—the two go together like peanut butter and jelly! Glad you liked our post. Product packaging firm in Australia says that trend of packaging is not just about its design and pattern, it’s about the process and the method in which is packed and how it can be preserved and proper manner. Yes you are right @Tanuja Ratnaparkhi food packaging is too a business promotion. They evoke happy feelings in people reminding them of simpler times. 12. Minimalism is here to stay because of its no-nonsense nature. March 11, 2020. According to Mordor Intelligence, the aluminium cans market is expected to register a CAGR of 3.2% between 2020-2025. “Brands should look to offer memorable experiences through refill in order to create brand engagement, with those bringing some theatre to the refill moment most likely to succeed,” ​said Luttenberger. var aTags = gptValue.split(','); Similarly, packaging can be used to reflect a brand’s vision and philosophy. Whole Foods Market just released its list of 2020 food trends to watch for and topping the list of predictions is a continued focus on eco-conscious eats. Every year, the packaging industry produces some unique trends. Related tags: It also identified a need for better collection systems and recycling processes. Packaging in the food and beverage industry is arguably just as important as the contents inside. Whether it’s the logo or packaging, gradient adds a level of depth and complexity that adds intrigue. Similarly, VitaPack offers paper-based packaging that lets you carry 1kg of fruit without much effort. However, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and many have searched for … Top three food and beverage packaging trends for 2020 Published: 28 January 2020 Packaging in the food and beverage industry is arguably just as important as the contents inside. Pharma packaging trends in 2020. Top 9 Food Packaging Trends for 2020. McDonald’s, for example, launched the McBike package, especially for cyclists. Take, for example, Coca-Cola. for (var i=0; i < aTags.length; i++) Thanks for such write ups.. Keep sharing such to keep inspiring new, creative and progressive ideas.. Glad you liked the article. 2020 FOOD AND BEVERAGE SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING TRENDS Based on results from the 2019 EcoFocus Trend Survey* What Millennials think, say and do will dominate all aspects of businesses for many years to come — including the packaging of the beverages they drink and foods they eat. Plant-based, healthy and sustainable foods are among the top food trends for 2020 Here the shift away from meat and dairy is also important as meat and dairy has a truly massive carbon footprint. Companies are adopting transparent packaging and clear labelling to list out the contents of the product. 24 Mar 2020 --- In collaboration with PackagingInsights, Innova Market Insights has unveiled its Top Packaging Trends 2020, with “The Language of Environmental Sustainability” identified as this year’s leading trend.FMCG brands are increasingly finding a competitive advantage in more prominent on-pack communication of their packaging’s environmental sustainability credentials. Careers – Richard Caines, Senior Food & Drink Analyst – 30 th April 2020. Studies have revealed that people are impacted by emotions, rather than information when making brand decisions. Sustainable Packaging Trends in 2020 Although everyone today talks about sustainability, finding sustainable solutions and providing them to clients is still challenging for many companies. They want to be part of a story. Although food packaging contains information on ingredients, reading the fine print can be hard. if(i!=(aTags.length-1)) One of the most significant trends sweeping the whole of the food and beverage industry in 2019 was sustainability. Secondary packaging machines at maximum efficiency. Related Conference of Emerging Trends in Food Packaging. Food halls. Trends & Insights; The Best Food Packaging Design Examples Of 2020 Injecting Personality Into Produce; The Best Food Packaging Design Examples Of 2020 Injecting Personality Into Produce . The holographic patterns are embossed onto the aluminium surface, which will diffract the light, resulting in different colours and a three-dimensional appearance. The recent report on Food Packaging Technology and Equipment market provides granular insights of the latest trends and future growth aspects of the business space. Temporary to Semi-Permanent Buildings and Canopies, Food safety metal detector for brand protection, Sign up to our free newsletter and get the latest news sent direct to your inbox, Carbohydrates and fibres (sugar, starches), called for urgent action on plastic sachets. The bag or container enables manufacturers to stand out with cat and dog owners who want sustainable options, personalized pet diets and ingredients that even humans find appealing. From sustainability and environmentally friendly packaging to "smart packaging" and beyond, the future is here. I would like to share one of the best eco-friendly food packaging service providers in UAE, so that it could be useful for anyone reading this blog – Emotional Engagement. Sustainable packaging . The outer packaging has a huge impact on attracting customers to buy food products. Green Packaging Market - Growth, Trends, and Forecasts (2020 - 2025) The Green Packaging Market is segmented by Type of Packaging (Recycled Content Packaging, Reusable Packaging, Degradable Packaging), End-user Industry (Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care), and Geography. 9 food packaging trends for 2020: Technology-Enabled Solutions. Gradients are a growing trend in multiple areas of design. According to Deloitte Consumer Review, over 50% of millennials and Gen Z express a desire for personalized products. dataLayer.push(dataLayerNews); Food Packaging Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By Type (Rigid, Flexible), By Material (Paper, Plastic), By Application (Bakery and Confectionery, Dairy Products), By Region, And Segment Forecasts, 2020 - 2027. Get more such blog posts on This Report looks at the following areas: The impact of COVID-19 on consumer behaviour and demand for food packaging. Press Release Food Packaging Equipment Market 2020: Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast To 2027 Published: Oct. 8, 2020 at 3:28 a.m. THP has released its fifth Flavour & Trend Forecast for 2020 – an annual report highlighting the latest ingredients, cooking techniques and culinary ideas driving innovation and disruption within the food and beverage industry.. For 2020, THP’s culinary team have identified 10 key global trends, many with a focus on sustainability and conscious consumerism. The role of packaging in the consumer journey has extended beyond the shelf. Minimalism is a huge trend in packaging design. The global food contact paper and board market grew at a CAGR … So it’s not surprising that the trend of better-for-you is showing up in food packaging, ... Here’s what we’re seeing as the top five packaging trends for 2020 and beyond: Josh White. By Donna Berry. At the end of 2017, 99designs chief marketing officer Pamela Webber identified “5 packaging design trends on the way out in 2018” — and our readers clicked and clicked and clicked. Meanwhile, around 50 world business leaders, politicians and campaigners have called for urgent action on plastic sachets​​ in an open letter to the Government. Thank for sharing such a fantastic post. Eon Market Research has released a report titled “Global Baby Food Flexible Packaging Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2020-2025. Consequently, food packaging industry is now more focused on meeting these demands – as preserving food quality, protection from contamination and providing customer convenience. Food packaging is very important especially to prevent food spoilage. Packaging has a key role in the pet food industry’s robust growth, especially for premium products. Consumers want more than just a product. (function(){var qs,js,q,s,d=document,gi=d.getElementById,ce=d.createElement,gt=d.getElementsByTagName,id="typef_orm",b="";if(!,id)){,"script");;js.src=b+"embed.js";,"script")[0];q.parentNode.insertBefore(js,q)}})(). Growth of Convenience. ‘We’ve seen a big increase in dark chocolate’s value sales. 4. In 2020, brands will need to take their packaging to the next level, using it as a tool to communicate its brand story. There’s so much innovation to talk about, and we’ve collected 8 sustainable packaging trends that you should know in 2020. Jamie Key, GLG Council Member and Former Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Sealed Air March 18, 2019. { $(document).ready(function() { Three Plastic Food Packaging Trends to Consider in 2020. Discover our Top 7 packaging trends to get you through 2020 and beyond! Food packaging comes embedded with NFC chips or printed QR codes, Smart Labels that can be scanned using a smartphone to provide more information about the product. We’ll take a look at these variations for sure! Probiotics are Functional foods that help you keep your gut healthy. In this article, we have rounded up the food packaging trends in 2020. They want to be part of a story. Let’s take a look. 1. Well thank you for such an informative blog. And, to stick to its promise of delivering healthy packaged meals daily. Photo: ©MONTICELLLLO - STOCK.ADOBE.COM . From sustainability and environmentally friendly packaging to "smart packaging" and beyond, the future is here. On a global scale, the packaging industry is an enormous economic generator. Technology-Enabled Solutions. What are some modern food packaging trends you should be aware of? By Axel Barrett December 26, 2019. In the article below, we will take a look at the top 5 packaging trends for 2020 and muse about the dynamics of each. “This may entail a move towards vending machine-style dispensers that can easily and accurately dispense the product without waste or mess, as well as calculate and track cost/spend for fast payment,” ​the report stated. } The reason? Smart packaging is a clever way to package products. Keeping the design simple not only makes the packaging look clean but also reduces the cost. Give Your Plant Based some Pure Pulling Power! var vOut=""; 4. Certainly, price bookmarking for revisiting. Ecologically-aware packaging. Millennials are putting a significantly higher priority on sustainability than have the … It’s important however to use the right packaging colours to keep the design subtle. This just in from the “things you rarely think about” department: the North American market for flexible plastic food packaging is an approximately $28 billion market and is growing at about 2.5%. Shopping unpacked. While many consumers were familiar with the reduce, reuse, recycle mantra, they needed to be reminded to ‘return’ packaging to the proper recycling bin or store take-back system, the report found. How do you come up with the best design for your products? Required fields are marked *, 6 food and beverage packaging trends that will dominate 2020. Subscribe These bags and wraps are 100% biodegradable & made from natural resources. Keeping the contents clean, fresh, and safe for the intended shelf life is a primary function. Their tagline, advertising, to graphics on the pouch captured a particular period in time perfectly. For example, Maggi Healthy Soups by Nestlé uses their patented ‘granulation-based technology’ to retain the freshness of key ingredients. #foodpackagingDubai #ecofoodpackaging #ecopackagingDubai This design trend is visible in almost every modern food packaging – be it snack bars, ketchup bottles, or even paper packaging for takeaway food at restaurants. FoodBev predicts the top packaging trends for 2020. Chocolate brand Liso’s packaging conveys the use of best-quality ingredients through high-end graphics. The goal was to call an Uber ride for those who got drunk, adding a different dimension to packaging for consumer safety. While these typography-heavy packaging designs are already all over shelves, expect this trend to really hit its stride in 2020. 28-Feb-2020 at 10:43 GMT. Food packaging plays a crucial role in marketing the food product. The Packaging Reset​ report suggested that manufacturers and brands develop and commercialise recyclable innovations even if the capabilities to recycle them do not yet exist. FoodBev predicts the top packaging trends for 2020. dataLayerNews.related_tags = sanitize_gpt_value2("Packaging & labelling"); The pace of global change is accelerating, creating unprecedented uncertainty about the consumer preferences and behaviours that will affect the future of the packaging industry. Major trends to adopt in 2020 include edible packaging, sustainable packaging like reusable cups and takeout boxes, sustainably sourced ingredients, and zero waste cooking. Sustainable Packaging Trends in 2020 Although everyone today talks about sustainability, finding sustainable solutions and providing them to clients is still challenging for many companies. Frito-Lay’s pack of tortilla-chip, Tostitos, came with an alcohol sensor, LED lights and NFC chips at the 2017 Super Bowl. Get more such blog posts on This is especially true in growing markets such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Asia, and Africa where the FMCG companies are still evolving. Attack of the bar snacks. Very Informative.. Subscribe, 28-Feb-2020 Plastic-free cellulose packaging designed by Emma Sicher. The packaging is often the first thing that catches the consumers eye, so it needs to stand out. Your email address will not be published. Such designs trigger emotions that go beyond appealing to people who’ve lived in that era. Unlike minimalistic or vintage packaging that uses solid or subdued hues, gradients can bring attention to products on the shelf. Manual customization can include the use of customized bags, boxes, stickers, or even gift tags to increase brand recall and appeal.
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