Europe is a Continent as well which is made up of countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and Finland. The notion continued into the Roman era, and the Christian era. There are seven continents; Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America. 15 comments. Geographically speaking, it should be considered north west Asia but north west asians don't want to be associated with other asians, so they decided to invent a continent. I'd rather say that Europe is a region of the greater continent of Eurasia. A continent is a geographical construct. I don’t accept that. The American born Nigerian based lady was in the midst of 4 other housemates while playing a game, naming the continent … that’s all. There's not a solid cultural reason either, since the Balkans have a lot of continuity with the Middle East and European Russia with Siberia. Europe is not a lost continent, but is undertaking a major revolution of its broken system. OK! It's a great example of brainwashing and proof of how history, science, society, psychology etc is written as exaggeration or lies by the conquerors. She Is Correct, Europe is not a Continent. Europe is not a continent. Make me an offer thru WhatsApp - Or call me on my Mobile Phone Number - While probably not a supercontinent, one can argue that Ur was a supercontinent for its time as it was possibly the only continent on Earth, even if it was smaller than Australia is today. Small islands are grouped with the closest continent. Big Brother Naija 2020 Lockdown housemate, Tolani Shobajo also known as Tolanibaj embarrassed herself on national tv when she argued that Europe is NOT a continent. So now, when I ask students to name the continents, I … The Arctic however is not a continent but instead … Underestimating the challenge and joking about it makes no sense. Anyways europe is a continent because pretty much all of the civilized world comes from europe, without europe, no South America, no North America, no Australia, no New Zealand. This is a forced term. Why? Europe is not a continent if we go by the traditional defination or even the newer ones. share. a few of them: West, Western, Mideast, Europe, the terms of space, geografical terms etc. In some instances, Australia is grouped with other islands in the Pacific to form the continent of Oceania. A continent is one of the large subdivision of landmasses of the world. EUROPE IS ACTUALLY A PENINSULA OF ASIA. Still, an older rock formation now in Greenland dates back from Hadean times. If the U.S. could understand the magnitude of the challenge, a new partnership could be built across the Atlantic. It is just a Very Large Expanse of Land Which contains different various Geopolitical entities, cultures, Countries and Islands. Arabia and India have more claim to being continents than Europe does since at least they have their own tectonic plates. European is a cultural identity. It is a painstaking process, a necessary one, and a land of opportunities. Europe is not a real continent. By the middle ages, Africa was often being included as a continent separate from Europe or Asia, and writers of that time considered inhabitants of the various continents the descendants of Noah’s sons; Asia was occupied by Semites, Africa by Hamites, and Europe by Japhethites. save. It is barelly a subcontinent (it shares the same tectonic as most of Asia, where as Arabia and India have a different one!). Two (2) year old regular Facebook Account for Sale. Other continents separeted with seas but Europe not. All the terms you are invented yourself. 1,984 3. We accept Europe as a continent because the dominant whites/Europeans told us to. just like Middle East. Feb 18, 2006 #9 Mk. hide. Congo (continent) (Protoafrica) 3.6–present
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