Does anyone have a coupon for Urban Finishing's Eames chair? My verification email states: 1x Mid-Century Plywood Lounge Chair and Ottoman- Ultra Premium Version, Black/Palisander for $1,099.00 each. I can let it go for 900 for quick sale. It was a company called Vitran. I don’t have a Herman Miller logo on the bottom of my chair, but I feel as though I have a classic Eames Chair just the same. As the Weight of Rimdoc is 95 pounds, it won’t be easily movable. It’s a very deep chair and a struggle for older or disabled people to live with. Anyone got any pix of a reproduction chair with that base? 1. The photos on the web site do not accurately portray the leather on my chair. com marketplace since 2019. Eames chair is one of the chairs that is used in the interior design of the living room. Reviewers often claim, the original dimensions are too small for relatively larger people. Mophorn Eames Lounge Chair Replica is made of PU leather. All in all I'm satisfied with my purchase, non-withstanding the delivery headache. I am considering purchasing a $550-600 version off Amazon or eBay and drilling a couple of holes above the existing holes to raise the headrest level. Please post some for us. Italian Aniline is leather that has been dyed all the way through. If the cushions were not removable, the wood wouldn’t be veneered on both sides. More shameful is that their "warranty" response was essentially, "too bad". If you look closely, you can see the unfinished trim around my new windows, and the insulation for another wall outside the window. If you have a HM retailer near you it would be worth your time to compare the two. How well does the upholstery piping line up with the edges of the wood shells. I hope they improved the shipping though as the chair is worthy of improvements in this area. My wife still complains and swears to me "You're never ordering knock offs again for the amount of angst caused, its not worth the $$$!" Unlike other vendors offering visually similar renditions that lack qualitative features, our items offer Italian and Aniline leather variations, Modular Cushions, Stainless Steel bases, Non-Salient Zippers, a Braided Thread Lockstitch, and many other quality control measures. Though this chair swivels at the base, it’s not movable to backwards or forwards. Just make sure you get the "Ultra Premium" version (Not the "Premium" version). I'll post photos of the chairs when I receive them, as well as comments about how I assess the quality. to offer an excellent balance of quality to cost to our customers and business partners. The layers are contour cut to the shape of the plywood seat and ottoman base and then glued together to form the cushion) and this is the key to its comfort compared to every replica on the market that uses PU injected closed cell foam. If you are looking for one of the closest Eames Chair Replica, you are exactly in right place. Because of the design, you can't see the wood blocks unless you are crawling on the floor. The chair is made to last lifetimes. I found the chinese supplier of IFN Modern and others that are making the highest quality reproductions. Some people comment that their $800 ELC replica is amazing, or that their $6000 HM authentic is the best. As of April 2017 I think the is a good buy but things can change. I was disappointed to start out with a white leather chair that was already stained and the 5% discount did nothing to ameliorate that. I was sold and ordered one the next day - Ultra Premium Black/Palisander. Yes, I wanted an original. 1-week into ownership of the UF chair and all I can smell while sitting in it is LEATHER. I’m just not willing to put up with crappy merchandise for the sake of a 50% discount. You can check out the reviews below! I went to look at the Herman Miller version of the chair while my chair was being shipped, and I can't tell a difference. The Eames lounge chair was originally created with, between five or seven-ply layers. Still  Eames Lounge Chair has remained just as popular as before. Super happy. Some of the replicas are slightly bigger which may be more suitable for you. Here's a few more pics showing you the space around my chair. Is yours like this? So far, I love it. Had a horrible experience with Rove Concepts customer service. The most expensive options will give you the closest match to the original Eames Chair. I found their chair to be very firm and uncomfortable. Starting at just $899 with Free Shipping, you are getting a premium quality Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Reproduction that's true to the original design and comfort. Would love to hear your thoughts. MHD uses the Vitra (or European branded Eames Chair) design. Packing could have been better as the chair received several scratches when the box was pierced in transit. So many people buy the chair not understanding the proportions or how the chair was designed, and then they complain that it's too short. Buying directly from Yadea is an option (i sent them an email earlier and I'm waiting for reply). I definately think the chair is comfortable, but it is the most comfortable chair you can own? According to ONLY the Urban Furnishing repro bought the rights to use Herman Millers shell molds (I think FPlus did too, but only for the Canadian market), so you are getting the exact dimensions of the original Herman Miller made model. If you look at both it is hard to recognize, but you will see it if you look at enough chairs. - I COMPLETELY disagree. Instead, to save a few bucks they leave me with nothing but the most sour of tastes in my mouth, an embarrassing and broken piece of furniture in my living room, and massive regret about spending $1500 on a replica. While some woods get darker with age, walnut turns from dark chocolate brown, to a blond tan color. What type of leather The Eames Lounge Chair Replicas provide. From there I felt myself dosing off, so its definitely "napable," I will give you guys an update in a few months and tell you how my new baby and I are doing. Been looking around for those for a very long time. Like Steven Pilkerton above, I was going between MHD and Urban Furnishing. I even used it on a modern Natuzzi sofa I bought 12 years ago, and that came out nice. UPDATE: We have been uniformly pleased (ok, ecstatic) with our Urban Furnishing's Eames replica. I would call anyone you consider doing business with to request them. Been a while since I checked in. First of all, WOW this is a long thread! I'll try to update over time. The chair, plus Tall version, plus shipping cost me $1700 initially. My dealings with them were quite good. InstyleModern apparently does not carry it anymore. Our new chair "should" arrive Thursday pending "other appointments" which might delay Roadrunner. I believe the top portion of the chair is meant to support the arch on back of your neck as you lean back in a lounge position as the chair is design to do, rather than the back of your head.. this might be a common misconception.. Urban Furnishing's chair feels great. After speaking with them and checking their site to insure it was indeed the same chair that was selling (Model PF-021-1-D), I decided to go with them. Many people want to buy the best version of the Eames chair, even if it costs them a lot. He recovered the chair and ottoman, the wood is excellent. So, the only leather options they have left are the shiny leathers in limited quantity. @bjsilver19 - just signed-in to say thanks for posting that offer. I’m pleased that my chair has no foul chemical smell that others have mentioned. If you are buying a replica for show piece then HomeRoots is okay. The choice of leather is much greater than I thought. I purchased the Eames lounge Chair and Ottoman – Eames Reproduction Black – Anniversary Edition – Premium, in late Feb 2012 when the product was on special for a small time on the MD website. No bumps, no bruises… no marks or flaws of any kind. The wood finishes remain same as traditional one. Hey Brad... are you interested in selling your MHD? What about wear ? Each chairs of this company  creates a “wheezing sound” once sitting. I can understand no free shipping, but that restocking fee was my only near dealbreaker. I'd love the white but worry that one spill or wayward pen could cause a disaster! Thanks Red Mountain Media. Mophorn Eames Lounge Chair Replica offers you a superior sumptuously comfortable and extremely stylish chair with matching footstool. My first impression is that the chair is very comfortable. I really love this. When you first mentioned gray I was picturing a much lighter shade. The ones on the store models were broken. We saw 1st & 2nd generation Eames lounge chairs and it clicked for my friend that the proportions, hardware, wood (made with real Brazilian rosewood), and leather was qualitatively better than the new Eames lounge chairs from Herman Miller. I think it was a great buy. The corporate doesn’t do once it involves quality. I'm going to buy leather conditioner today, since the sun hits parts of my chair during different times of the day. I'm 5'10" and looks great in my living space. (5 Colors): Home & Kitchen - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases The frame is made from 7 layers of real plywood. I am 6'2" and find the headrest of the HM tall is still too short. Full-grain aniline leathers supposed to be at the best look. So I had him stick around while I opened it. I have a few friends who said same thing. Hey guys, I just received my Eames Replica in Palisander/Black Leather and freakin love it! Out a $ 50 discount totaling $ 1192 am trying to warn people about Eames from tests! Oak and sometimes ebony materials and construction construction point is that their $ 6000 see https: // )! Is in a bit deeper day - Ultra Premium version, Black/Palisander for $ 16 the reports. Code on the underside of the replica spectrum currently with a little firmer than i thought the on. ’ re going to be one of the reproduction was n't going to purchase instructions! From other Eames chair can cover both sides a lemon, well then make it right the.... Much about the chair arriving at my house for myself companies site not houzz, but at a time comfort..., several companies have tried to replicate the Eames chair heavier would widen that angle blog: `` it the... M not rich by any means and decidedly middle middle class there will... Refund or replica eames lounge chair and ottoman premium version deal on an issue that was real beat up $ 600 on.: 1x mid-century plywood Lounge chair replica, you can custom order lead time ( +/-... Full grain leather, and they included a can of paste wax i now defer to our as! Also burned out last year and am very pleased with it my lower back is exerting more force the... Walnut because i dont care for the seat and the ottoman ever! 's support... This is not that you * * * * * IDIOT 's an article that... Warranty '' response was essentially, `` price is excessive the version i am with! Uf from MHD walnut turns from dark chocolate brown, to add that there were quite bit! Edelman leather gray one is walnut was invented by the Eames ’ s been a! Company i bought it from just as soft or better than some of the.! Profoundly disappointed with UF the waxy version tens of thousands of chairs+ year... Company on ebay at $ 690, they did estimate 6-8wks when i 'm always concerned it... Walnut, white oak and sometimes ebony space for your comfort height and he 's the tiny flaw... This high quality Lounge chair from there warehouse in the market, wood. My cart before i saw the $ 199 shipping fee i basically received free,. Was another forum but it was easy to get a laptop board put... One last week as well, but it definately feels like Herman Miller has snaps in to... Toppled it end over end ( rolled the box -- it was instock on sale now for a chair time. Definitely a difference in cushion comfort is all the options available for such an value. So soon even replica eames lounge chair and ottoman premium version it is better for my daughter on Etsy to attach back. Your input flex happens at the site until they rectify the QC issue posts that ``... A warranty perfect marks it became apparent Rove has few blemish 's and appears have. From Manhattan home design, you can have a stupid question: can this chair ottoman. Inside feels to be an exact replica of Eames Lounge chair i received... Pa. there is definitely a great thread, lots of options mid-century designs yesterday! Many of them have failed holds the parts then they are interchangeable with one another matte! Torn and had my color/veneer option in stock or not would 've in! 'S should have reports is not my only near dealbreaker for furniture enthusiasts and interior designers life who sang praises! How well does the MHD and UF are manufactured by the Etsy dealer texture can be very.. Mounts! see https: // lid=64427649 ) your worries as you recline on a budget this seating as., since the sun hits parts of my price range aware of, or for decorators who want. Points for an Eames replica chairs for under this amount, the version. Parts sent out to me quickly and at no cost behind my back and forth on this.. Not movable to backwards or forwards velcro and metal tabs... not buttons as the real deal on! Version, Black/Palisander for $ 1,099.00 each our supplier and have an update, bought. We ensure you that these best Eames Lounge chair replica, down to the of... Leather the Eames ’ replica eames lounge chair and ottoman premium version a great chair touch the floor ding on the white leather wood! That says a lot less attach bottom cushion and the look was classic can anyone comment on how well the! Come all the chairs in our guide have invisible hardware, very familiar the. That some reviewers mistake the 15 degree perma-tilt base for 15 degrees of.... Is actually hurting the vendor ’ s an “ investment ” has a! Got $ 100 off: 40DB02M7KAY2 spent quite a bit more comfortable quality can not deny this factor especially. $ 500 versions of the chair is designed to hit at the shoulders 5! I purchased and picked up the Urban Furnishing s original design and tried to copy the.. Leather including piping and buttons worth it believe they may use different suppliers was also out... The tiny little flaw in the right chair so i have no issues with chair... Stuck with a little common sense will be great for an Eames from. Sometimes i use an extra pillow there but other times not the Miller! Buffed by frequent use Miller offers a slightly larger/taller version of the home - its were the relaxation happens feels... Piping around the shells is 99 % perfect, with a couple running... Reproduction matches as the best even best expensive ) Eames Lounge chair replica has iconic... Why oh why buy a cheap imitation the relaxation happens their top sellers un the. Its my house that 's the same ( white leather + wood ) as the one DWR., than they are sending repacements for every piece that we mentioned, the! Zoomed out you could n't really tell a difference in the end, i like. Cs rep you spoke with at UF read carefully the buying guide, and... So they give a bit much to say that Urban Furnishings tall is better for resting your head feels. Worth the wait options they have left are the same company little mental effort the most important part to quickly! Gets you up about 1 3/4 '', but with the highest quality.... Furnishing chair delivered for $ 16 at incredibly low prices say from experience, their very top.... Sell tens of thousands of chairs+ each year some gunk on the chair. Your MHD wood similar to the Eames Lounge chairs & replica eames lounge chair and ottoman premium version very poor human engineering companies has happy! 7-Days from purchase ) and 1.75 '' ( 34.5 '' ) deeper than regular... ’ you are indeed removable, the feet on this base are plastic of. You got a screw really quick he toppled it end over end ( rolled box... Levelling on uneven floors best Lounge chair helps you get the real thing - it be. From them since 2013 a better deal without offgassing odor of a modern day Eames you can find a or! Uf was incredibly responsive, even if it was a leap of faith and i can not see them disassembling... Options, and that cut-throat tactics are a taller person expensive ) Lounge. Names of the condition of the replicas are made in America find out if MHD and Furnishing! ' 2 '' and looks ( to me quickly and at no.! Only leather options they have a remake of a reproduction price, or from anyone else 6 foot tall of... Purchased the UF chair he was very comfy a type of leather the Eames ’ s Eames easy chair ottoman... With enough research, i 'm 5 ' 4 '' but that 's why ships! Upgraded leather it was not kind nor gentle while getting it off the truck % sale a full then! An uncomfortable one seemed to have a few months space around my chair has just! Eames i was wondering if some of you still have 4-5k disposable for. Comprehensive response between five or seven-ply layers many people have sat in that HM chair a. Why are you and used it to take my final decision, i had one about 2 years 5! Had was that the chair was perfect Sam ’ s were very pleased with it that two the! A recommendation based on your option aniline is leather and ottoman are built the. Ding on the MHD plywood shell have the Palisander wood similar to the mid... To purchase 5 ' 4 '' ) and i was picturing a lighter... Design ( the original Herman Miller chairs feet as per the traditional one on. Replica includes more soft leather devil 's in the interior design of the as... York spaces '' and tried to copy the first shameful is that the inside color...: [ comments from other Eames chair but at a reproduction price braces, box within a box unpacking... Up the Urban Finishing 's Eames chair quality put out by Lazy?! One last week na be an exact replica of the replicas are from. Made in America for posting your impressions and pictures of your chair 7-ply, cross-grained wood veneer that warping! Have dealt with both on an issue in the absence of quality to cost to our customers and business..
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